Leather Products

Our shop offers a unique line of high-quality collars and other luxury leather products for dogs and their masters.

Handmade Leather Products from A to Z

Completely handmade leather products made with traditional saddlery craftwork

Personal Approach

Our goal is to fine-tune the order to perfection, so you will not communicate with any robot

Unlimited Warranty

We exclusively provide a lifetime warranty for all hand-stitched leather products in our store.

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Handmade Leather Products from A to Z

Our shop offers goods to suit you and your dog perfectly.

We offer leather dog collars in single-color, two-color, their exclusive versions, or leather leads. Their masters can choose from a range of high-quality leather belts for men and women. Our exclusively handmade products are a guarantee of the highest possible quality, and in the case of hand stitching, this quality is also backed by a lifetime warranty. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our offer, or you have an entirely different idea about any custom leather product (besides our standard), just reach us out. You can also visit our blog to find a lot of interesting and useful information, you will also love our recent article on “How Tight Should A Dog Collar Be“.


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