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Women's orange leather belt

A handmade orange leather belt with handmade stitching of the two layers. The alpine cow leather with a greater stiffness is tanned in Italy or Germany using one of the oldest leather tanning methods – vegetable tanning. Coloured leather is chrome tanned. The two layers hand stitched with high-strength waxed threads with an overall thickness of c. 3.5 mm ensure that the belt is both strong and flexible. The leather belt is furnished with a cradle saddle buckle and is suitable for all occasions, including the most formal.

Customise the orange leather belt:

  • the length of the belt – measure the length at the waist, where you usually wear a belt;
  • belt width – 3 or 4 cm;
  • leather colour (see note on colours below);
  • thread colour:
  • the buckle;
  • decoration and studs – one or two rows of decorations depending on the belt width;
  • or stamping – we can, for example, stamp leather belts with your monogram; simply select this option and enter the text to be stamped.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty


The leather shades of belts are only approximate and can differ slightly depending on the character of the leather that is used and the colour capacity of the device you use to display the product. Natural shades also darken over time. We recommend the use of beeswax creams to protect your belt and to maintain its shine.

Have our own idea for a leather belt? Fill out the custom product form, and we´ll do everything possible to accommodate you.

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Aranine women's leather belt, orange

Aranine women's leather belt, orange

A fashionable handmade belt with decorative stitching of the two layers of orange leather.

Manufacturer DOGMOUNT
Availability 15 days
Indicative delivery 04.10.2019
Warranty unlimited

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