Beige diary cover

A handmade leather A5 diary cover from genuine cow leather featuring hand stitching. The basic version of the leather diary cover has a small pocket on the left side for business cards, two pockets on the right side – one for inserting the diary from the bottom (from left to the right), the one on top for e.g. notepads. We can also arrange the pockets to suit your needs or make you an entirely custom diary cover, just write us.

Customise the diary cover to your personal specifications by choosing:

• overall diary´s dimensions other than A5 (width, height)
• stamping (name, monogram, logo).


The leather shades of covers are only approximate and can differ slightly in connection with the character of the leather that is used and colour capacity of the device you use to display the product. Natural shades also darken over time. We recommend the use of beeswax creams to protect your covers and to maintain its shine.

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Beige leather diary cover

Beige leather diary cover

A handmade A5 diary cover made of brown-beige cow leather, total cover height 24 cm, width 19.5 cm.

Manufacturer DOGMOUNT
Availability 15 days
Indicative delivery 10.05.2021
Warranty 24 months

Configure your product to your liking

Overall dimensions

Other than A5 diary-dimensions can be specified


Total price EUR