Top 7 Benefits of Keeping a Dog

Are you hesitant about getting a dog? Do you have concerns about getting a new family member? Well, know that dogs are not just amazing companions. In fact, getting a dog gives you a lot of other benefits, both mental and physical.

A dog will help your mind, your body, and your soul. Of the many advantages of owning a dog gives you, we chose the top 7 to convince you that its time to adopt.

They help you to stay fit and healthy

Research has shown that dog owners exercise more than most adults without dogs. According to different studies, individuals who own a dog tend to get a reasonable amount of exercise each time they walk their pets. This makes them fit, healthy, and less prone to high blood pressure.

They help you get more social

Another major benefit of keeping dogs is that they are great social wingmen. Most people over the age of 50 find it hard to go out and socialize on their own. However, research has proven that about 40% of dog owners make friends easily, especially with other dog owners during walks.

They ward off depression and loneliness

Keeping a dog at home can also help you ward off depression and loneliness because dogs are great companions. Also, dog owners bear responsibility for their pets, which makes them want to get up each morning, feed, and walk them. Doing this for your dog every day will make you think less about your problems and keep you more focused on the dog’s needs. 

Also, each time you interact with your dog will increase your sense of wellbeing and make you feel positive and happier about yourself. Research proves that dogs are known to increase levels of oxytocin, a chemical that makes us feel more positive about ourselves.

They help reduce stress

Dogs are known to be therapeutic. It makes them great at controlling your anxiety and blood pressure. People that have stressful jobs tend to perform better when their dog is around. Simply put, dogs help you relax.

They prevent child allergies

Contrary to the popular belief that dogs contribute to childhood allergies, research proves that having dogs around can reduce the risk of allergies like asthma, for example.

They add meaning and purpose to life

Dogs are more than just pets. They are loyal companions and a source of motivation for a lot of people. Dogs add purpose to their owners’ lives, they allow them to care about something other than themselves.

They help you to be more mindful

Lastly, dogs can help you become more mindful. They help you to become mindful and focus on your dealings. Take for instance walking your dog - it gives you a moment to be mindful, calm, and practice meditation.

Final Thoughts

Dogs can be beneficial to you in different ways. Whether it’s by strengthening your immune system, assisting you with allergies, or just making you feel less depressed, a dog can truly change your life. Out Petpedia team has created a detailed dog facts infographic with plenty of interesting information to help you decide if you should take the plunge.