Your four-legged friend deserves quality things

If you already have a dog, you've likely realised that your pet needs a lot of things for their happiness. Above all, this means good food, which ensures healthy growth and a good foundation for their development. Your dog also needs a space that will be his and where he can retreat to relax or even sulk, which is also something you'll need to count on with a puppy. This space should be pleasant so your dog feels your love.

Of course, you mustn't forget about gear for taking walks. As you've probably already guessed, this means a collar and lead, without which you should definitely not go anywhere. Not only is having your dog on a lead already regarded as an obligation, a lead also creates a connection between you and your dog on walks, which is why the lead and leather dog collar you buy should be of high quality as well as beautiful and pleasant to the touch. 

Our family firm has years of experience with the production of these pet and animal products, including dog leads. Each product is handmade from premium materials, and, of course, a piece of our heart. We make our dog leads exclusively from the leather of Alpine cows, which is known for its excellent strength. The leather is then tanned in Italy or Germany.  Genuine cow leather is prepared for further processing. Thanks to its strength, it is naturally suitable for leads for dogs of all sizes.

Handmade leather dog leads have a specific width determined primarily on the basis of the dog's breed. Lead lengths range from 55 cm to 140 cm, with the longest measuring 200 cm. In addition to the length, you can also choose the colour of the leather, allowing you to match the lead not only with our leather collars to create a nice set, but also with a leather belt of the same colour for yourself. You can also make your own choice of carabiner to suit your needs – either classic or quick-release.  

Because our leads are made out of natural material, proper care is important. Leather dog leads shouldn't be worn in the water. Leather also requires a certain amount of care, i.e. regular maintenance with products intended for its protection, or beeswax balms. If you treat it well, your lead will serve you well for several years. Moreover, it will be pleasant to the touch and you'll have lots of fun with your dog.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or wishes you might have. We can custom make products you design. All of our collars come with a 24-month guarantee. You can view our selection of dog leashes here. 

We wish you pleasant walks with your dog!