Men's Luxury Belt

This leather belt fit for the king, and it doesn't matter if you go to a formal event or use your belt for casual wear. Belt´s universal width of 3.5 cm is a great compromise that allows you to wear it as an accessory to your suit, as well as to jeans. The luxury belt is hand-made and stitched along its entire length. In the belt designer, you can choose not only the stamping of the monogram, which will imprint your belt even more of yourself, but  you can also customize belt buckle and more.


Customize the Men's Luxury Belt:

  • the length of the belt – measure the length at the waist, where you usually wear a belt;
  • leather color:
  • thread color:
  • the buckle:
  • or stamping – we can, for example, stamp leather belts with your monogram; simply select this option and enter the text to be stamped.

This product comes with a 24-month warranty

Note: The leather shades of belts are only approximate and can differ slightly depending on the character of the leather that is used and the color capacity of the device you use to display the product. Natural shades also darken over time. We recommend the use of beeswax creams to protect your belt and to maintain its shine.

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Men's Luxury Belt

Men's Luxury Belt

Elegant buckle that gives the impression of purity and perfection underlines the luxurious touch of this handmade men's leather belt. The originality and uniqueness of this belt can completed by your monogram. Belt width is 3.5 cm.

Manufacturer DOGMOUNT
Availability 15 days
Indicative delivery 13.12.2021
Warranty 24 months

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Leather – color

Thread colors

Belt buckle


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