Swiss dog collar

Swiss style leather collar is made of three layers of leather, which are hand stitched high-strength thread. The two upper layers of cow leather on the outside ensure sufficient collar strength, soft pig leather on the inside the comfort of the dog. The narrower width part of the collar is always half the selected overall width - for example, the collar width of 4 cm is 2 cm wide at the buckle. The collar is suitable for all breeds.

Swiss dog collar can be adjusted to your liking:

    • the length of the collar – matching your dog´ s neck length;
    • collar width according to dog size;
    • and name engraving.

Note: The shades of the leather used for collars are only approximations and can differ slightly in connection with the character of the specific type of leather used as well as the screen on the device you use to display the color. Natural shades also darken over time. Leather slip collars should not be worn by your dog in the water, and to protect the collar, its sheen and impregnation, we recommend regular maintenance using beeswax products and balms.

Have our own idea for a leather dog collar? Fill out the custom product form, and we´ll do everything possible to accommodate you.

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Swiss dog collar

Swiss dog collar

Charming handmade Swiss style dog collar captivates not only you. The collar is hand stitched and made of three-layer leather, soft pig leather padded on the inside serves to maximum dog comfort. Just choose the right size and the name in the menu.

Manufacturer DOGMOUNT
Availability on request
Warranty 24 months

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