We are totally committed to our customers
because we know you want the best for
yourselves and your pets.


How it all started

Everything started and ended with our beloved dog “Lady Ellie”. Ellie had always been the inspiration, meaning and main purpose of our effort. As we could not find a collar that would perfectly fit her and bring out her tender soul, we decided to craft a collar for her. A collar that would reflect her amazing character and that is how we placed the crown on her in 2015.

“Fancy Dogmounts to improve your days and add sparkle to the beauty of the dog-man bond.”

About us

We are a group of leather enthusiasts who enjoy the scent of leather. We not only enjoy holding leather in its raw state and feel its natural texture, we also get even more pleasure out of crafting it and bringing it back to life. Before Ellie became our Polar Star, our original experience stemmed from genuine saddlery craftwork – custom production of equestrian gear for horses and riders. Then, we turned our attention to you and your four-legged buddies because we cherish the unique friendship between people and their dogs.

We are totally committed to our customers
because we know you want the best for yourselves and your pets.

We do love to take care of you, our customers because we know you are really seeking the best for yourselves and your furry friends. That is also the reason why we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our products. We make everything completely by hand, including stitching. If any of our products are quilted by machine, it is stated in the product description. Thanks to a combination of honest craftsmanship and traditional hand-stitching techniques, we trust our products so much that we provide a lifetime guarantee on everything we stitch by hand.

Who we want to be

Working with leather has always been our passion which provides our daily bread. Our dream is to make products that resonate with you and our passion because we desire to improve your days and add sparkle to the bond between man and his dog. This dedication encourages us to keep moving forward and it improves whatever we do.

  • Our goals are to:
  • Keep pace with your dream design;
  • Pursue ongoing quality improvement;
  • Focus on new leather types, shapes, and patterns;
  • Introduce new manufacturing methods and technologies;
  • Make quality leather products common and widely accessible;
  • Secure an easy, fast, comfortable and pleasant customer experience.

We will continue to use hand-stitching to produce top quality products, but in moving forward, we will also adapt our techniques and strive for higher quality products in order to give you the greatest satisfaction. Although we didn’t start production yesterday, there is always room to move forward and that is what we will always be striving for.

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