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We are small family company that happens to enjoy the smell of leather. Not only do we like to hold leather in its raw condition and smell the irresistible nature aroma, we get even more pleasure out crafting it and bringing it to back to life. We usually make everything comletely by hand, including hand stitching. If any of our products is quilted by machine, it is stated in the product description. Thanks to honest hand craftsmanship and traditional hand-stitching techniques, we trust our products so much that we provide a lifetime guarantee on everything our hands make in this way.

We have a great deal of experience with working leather in the Highlands region. We were originally focused on the custom production of equestrian gear for horses and riders, over time we also became suppliers to other saddlers. Finally, we decided to also begin making goods for dogs and their masters. Nowadays we really enjoy making the highest quality and stylish leather dog collars, leashes, leather belts and other accessories for you.

ruční výroba z kůže

ruční šití z kůže

ruční šití z kůže

Jitka can sew just about anything – just let her know what you have in mind. Radek, an experienced saddler master, introduced her to the mysteries of hand stitching. Radek focuses mainly on custom made products, and is carefully oversees everything. Martin, on the other hand, has never been all that enthused about handwork and stitching, never been manually completely skilled, but can handle everything else.

"Since we consider our dogs to be regular members of the family, we will strive to keep improving the quality of our products for the entire family, pack .. Also man's best friend deserves to indulge the true quality and look great! "

In our case, the things we enjoyed doing became our work, which in turn remains fun for us. We wish to keep moving forward in everything we make. Our long-term goal is to focus on new leather types, introduce new methods and technologies to enrich your lives. Our products will always be based on hand stitching. Although we're just getting started with this, you can already look forward to a wide range of improvements in the form of original materials, unique patterns, shapes and accessories. Simply, you have a lot to look forward to!

Martin Schwarz

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Czech Republic

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