How to measure the length of the collar and belt

The measured circumference (dog’s neck, or waist) has to be filled in when choosing a dog collar or a belt or written as a note in the order form. All our collars and belts are custom made; therefore, the size (dog’s neck size, waist size) is vital to us.

Leather dog collars

Adult dog

It is advisable to measure the circumference of the neck with a measuring tape. When measuring, place the tape around the dog’s neck naturally, not to tighten the neck, nor to be loose. The measuring tape should be tightened approximately equally as “How Tight Should a Dog Collar Be”.

For each collar, it is given only an approximate span of neck size in the configuration menu. This range serves only to determine the price of the collar. When ordering a collar, it is necessary to enter the exact length of the collar into the text field under the approximate dog’s neck size. On the collar, we make this regular size on the middle hole of the collar then. There are five holes on the collar, each with a spacing of 2 cm.


Measuring the circumference of the neck just like for an adult dog. In the next step, it is essential to mark the field with the age of the dog. In such a case, the size you measured depending on the age of the puppy, can be made either on the first/or second pinhole to keep four/or three holes available for future enlargement of the neck size. If it is a puppy that will not only go from strength to strength but also will be growing, we can make a six-hole collar on your request. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

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Leather belts

You can measure the waist circumference directly on your body in the waist area and leave a reserve of approx. 3 cm, or measure the length of the existing belt. It is advisable to measure the existing belt from the buckle (nearly the pin tip end) to the hole where the belt is actually worn.

If you are unsure about the length of the collar or belt, we will be pleased to help you at [email protected]